Audiology assessments

We offer a full range of assessments to diagnose a wide variety of hearing disorders to provide suitable solutions and rehabilitation options for our patients. We also provide tele-audiology and in-house services.

Paediatric assessments

We offer comprehensive screening, diagnostic and habilitative services to babies and children from 0 to 18 years old.

Tinnitus management

We provide comprehensive tinnitus assessment and a range of solutions including hearing aids with tinnitus sound support, tinnitus CBT and tinnitus retraining therapy

Auditory verbal therapy

Auditory verbal therapy is a specialised program which equips deaf patients of all ages to maximise their speech and language potential


Hearing aids services

We offer consultation and sales of the latest digital hearing aids and accessories. Additionally, we provide cleaning, repair and programming services across many hearing aid brands.

Hearing implant services

Our specialist audiologists and speech therapists provide life-long support to all hearing/ cochlear implant patients to ensure that they are well-informed and supported throughout each stage of their implant process.

Equipment services

We offer fast lead times, transparent reports and flexible island-wide equipment sales and support.

Industrial screening services

We are certified by Ministry of Manpower and offer both on and off-site industrial audiometry screening and workplace safety counselling.

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