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When should I upgrade my hearing aids?

Like any electronic product, hearing aids are prone to wear and tear. Some individuals can maintain the same hearing aids for between 5 to 7 years and some much longer. Ultimately a hearing aid’s lifespan will depend on the components that it is built of, how it was built and how well it is being maintained by the individual. Here are some other reasons to upgrade your hearing aid:

  • When your hearing aid repair costs are more expensive than buying a new hearing aid
  • When your hearing aid model is outdated, and the repair parts are no longer available
  • When your hearing ability changes, and you need a more powerful hearing aid
  • When your lifestyle or listening environment changes, and you need more sophisticated technology to improve listening
  • When you are ready for new technology. Hearing aids are improving all the time with more options such as SMART home connectivity, direct phone call streaming and better speech enhancement systems.