how to get help

I feel depressed over my hearing loss

Depression has been linked to untreated hearing loss and unfortunately, goes undetected all around the world. Because hearing loss affects everyday life, it can seriously affect a person’s mental wellbeing. If you do feel depressed due to your hearing loss, know that it is possible to minimise the risk of depression linked to hearing loss.

First, if your hearing loss is untreated, seek help from your nearest certified audiologist as soon as possible. Studies have showed that people who seek treatment for their hearing loss are less likely to develop depression.

If you are an existing hearing aid or cochlear implant user, consider hearing rehabilitation from a certified Listening and Spoken Language Specialists (LSLS), the practitioners qualified to give Auditory Verbal Therapy (AVT). Qualified Listening and Spoken Language Specialists are trained to help the hearing impaired make the best use out of their hearing aids or cochlear implants. And to listen and communicate well enough to be independent participating members of society.

You may also consider joining a support group where you can exchange ideas and experiences with other members of the hearing impaired. There are plenty of support groups available, contact us to find out more.