children with
hearing loss

What kind of hearing aid is best for my child?

Children have unique hearing needs as they are just starting to learn and explore the world of sound. A good hearing aid for children should provide sufficient amplification across all frequencies (types of sounds). it should be able to adapt to changing environment needs to ensure clear speech no matter the environment. It also has to be comfortable, durable, tamperproof, and have easily to functions and indicators for parents and caregivers to monitor their child’s hearing. Most hearing aids have a paediatric line of hearing aids to provide the best hearing outcomes for any child, such as Phonak’s SKY and GN Resound’s UP SMART.

A child’s ears will continue to grow along with the child. Hence for the hearing aid to be properly fitted, it is recommended that children be fitted with Behind-The-Ear hearing aid styles with detachable earmolds. This allows the ear moulds to be remade and replace easily as the child grows without resorting to purchasing new hearing aids.